Modus - Adger Cowans (NEW)
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"Modus" means a measure. This print is about a measure of color-vision—a play of shapes against forms—a balance—of constant movement against light and color—through the eyes to the heart to heal the mind.
—From Brandywine Workshop and Archives records

For me, the artist’s responsibility is to keep the temple (body, mind, and spirit) clear, clean and open by being aware and by keeping watch over what enters it mentally and physically. When it is so tuned, the creative impulses can be fully received and reflected to the highest degree, where line, form, and color define a space that the viewer can feel with the heart, explore with the eyes, and contemplate with the mind.
—From, accessed 6-13-2021

Not only is Adger Cowans one of America’s finest photographers, he is, as well, one of its finest painters. Through film and paint his keen, sensitive eye hauntingly reveals things, places and moments that make up the bonfires of our lives; those shadows we live and swim in as we grind out the drama of everyday existence. Often such talent as his abided by the rules set by others. But his individualism sets him apart—simply because he follows his own convictions. His photography and paintings are possessed with certainties and reasons and one has a thirst to see more.  They go as far as imagery can go without really speaking. Mr. Cowans has acquired the freedom to master himself. and obviously he became free from the moment he chose to be.
—Gordon Parks, from, accessed 6-13-2021

About the Artist

Adger Cowans, a fine arts photographer and Abstract Expressionist painter, has experimented with a myriad of mediums over his artistic career. His works have been shown by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, International Museum of Photography, Mus...

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Adger Cowans

African American

Offset Lithograph


March 6 1995


22" x 30"

Edition Size

100 prints in this edition


Robert "Bob" Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA