Mystic Sky with Self-Portrait - Betye Saar (NEW)
Mystic Sky with Self-Portrait
About the Work

From the Artist

There has been an apparent thread in my art that weaves from early prints of the 1960s through later collages and assemblages and ties into the current installations. That thread is a curiosity about the mystical.

I am intrigued with combining the remnant of memories, fragments of relics and ordinary objects, with the components of technology. It's a way of delving into the past and reaching into the future simultaneously. The art itself becomes the bridge.

about the unknown
has no boundaries.
Symbols, images, place and cultures merge.
time slips away.
The stars, the cards, the mystic vigil
may hold the answers.
By shifting the point of view
an inner spirit is released.
Free to create.
—From, accessed 7-5-2021

Betye Saar's interest in spirituality and symbolism is evident in this artwork with its collaged shooting stars and a cosmic array of imagery, including a pair of dice (fate/fortune), a flaming heart (spiritual love), an eye in a pyramid (God's all-seeing eye), and a floating mask (hidden identity and magic). Saar looks outward from the bottom corner, while an open hand (is it hers?) reaches towards the warmth of a red, blazing sun. A tiny moon and a sun, as well as the Greek letter omega (the final culmination of all) mark her palm. Dynamic images of power and identity tilt and align across this orderly, personal universe.
—From Brandywine Workshop and Archives records


About the Artist

Betye Saar is a printmaker, sculptor, and collage and assemblage artist born in Los Angeles, CA. She earned a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and pursued graduate studies at California State University, Long Beach; California St...

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Mystic Sky with Self-Portrait

Betye Saar

African American

Offset Lithograph;Collage;Construction




21.5" x 25.25"

Edition Size

100 prints in this edition


Robert "Bob" Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA