Cultural Exchange - Helen Oji (NEW)
Cultural Exchange
About the Work


From the Artist

The print produced at Brandywine Workshop [and Archives, Philadelphia] was my first experience with offset lithography. India ink and pencil were used on five separate Mylars to make up the print of five colors. The title of the print, Cultural Exchange, was inspired by a group of paintings that utilized images of diamonds and eyes (in many forms) representing multiculturalism. The diamond is a universal symbol of luminous being, light, brilliance, and life. Eyes are the stars, eyes of the night, knowledge, the intelligence of the spirit, then the process of seeing represents a spiritual act and symbolizes understanding.

"Symbolism is not only international, but it also stretches over the ages; it has the virtue of containing within a few conventional lines the thought of the ages and the dreams of the race. It kindles our imagination and leads us to realms of wordless thought." — Lin Yu-Tang
—From Brandywine Workshop and Archives records

About the Artist

After earning her MA in art with a concentration in painting from California State University, Sacramento, Helen Oji made her way to New York City in 1976. She was highlighted in the early 1980s New York City art scene as “an artist with a distinc...

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Cultural Exchange

Helen Oji


Offset Lithograph




17" x 25"

Edition Size

100 prints in this edition


Robert "Bob" Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA