Rain Over Red Forest - Henry Bermudez (NEW)
Rain Over Red Forest
About the Work

From the Artist

Emerged from the Caribbean tropics, my artistic life has been an unexpected hybrid of ideas informed by an acute sensitivity to the past, stenciled as part of a personal inventory onto different foreign places that throughout my life have become my home and my artistic working territory.

My paintings are steeped in mythical dream imagery within an otherworldliness of carefully constructed creature and plant forms. Further defined by my identity as a Latino, my work combines symbols and myth from ancient pre-Hispanic cultures with the iconography of contemporary art. The result of this autobiographical vision is a blend of cultural diversities that further defines itself through my immersion in societies other than the one I was born into. Through my exposure to religious and social syncretism, my visual itinerary became charged with powerful influences which provided a unique vision of the African Diaspora in the Americas, its symbolism, and iconography.
—From https://inliquid.org/artist/bermudez-henry/, accessed 6-3-2021

About the Artist

Henry Bermudez is an American contemporary artist who was born in Venezuela in 1951. He has explored and expressed his interest in visual representations of cultures and mythologies in varying forms throughout his career. A journey of...

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Rain Over Red Forest




September 5 2017


30" x 42"

Edition Size

26 prints in this edition


Pablo Alarcon Jr. ;Alex Kirillov


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA