34th Psalm - Jacob Landau (NEW)
34th Psalm

From the Artist:

I knew I wanted to be an artist when, in the sixth grade, The principle of my grammar school gave me a bottle of Higgins India ink,  precipitating a crisis of self-awareness. During the next six years I drew and painted incessantly;  I studied life drawing at the age of 12, at the Graphic Sketch Club (now with Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial)  in Philadelphia, my hometown; I roamed all over the city in search of “ subjects" - street markets, railroad trains, boats in the harbor oh, children at play, the homeless, old barns, landscapes in Fairmount Park  (which became my second home), animals at the zoo. Thus my first stage of development as an artist was essentially mimetic; I had fallen in love with the world of appearances, and wanted to capture it all. But because I was also intensely curious, I also fell in love with books, with knowledge for its own sake, and with storytelling. While still in junior high school, I wrote, Design the set for, and acted in a play about the importance of mathematics;  studied  geologic ages of the Earth;  designed (on paper) a scale model of our solar system;  read the complete Edgar Allan Poe,  and the first science fiction magazine in America, Hugo Gernsback’s “Amazing Stories.”

Artist Bio

Printmaker, painter, humanist, and teacher Jacob Landau was born in Philadelphia, PA. His art explored essential themes -- human existence and morality -- with insight, passion and, sometimes, indignance. Landau attended Philadelphia College of Ar...

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34th Psalm

Jacob Landau


Offset Lithograph




30" x 22"

Edition Size

25 prints in this edition


Robert "Bob" Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA