L.A. Greenhouse Premiere - Leo Limon (NEW)
L.A. Greenhouse Premiere

"Concern for environmental issues is expressed in prints by Leo Limon, Elizabeth Grajales, and Sarah Van Keuren. Leo Limon's print,  L.A. Greenhouse Premiere comments on urban pollution build-up as a contribution to the so-called 'Greenhouse' effect. The print's central motif is a figure with an Indian headdress and dressed in business clothes running across a blue sky holding a small red truck with a camper in the back. The boldness of Limon's lines and his use of bright colors suggest motion and chaos. Such personal allusions as to the artist's own Mexican and Native American heritage, are suggested by the central figure of a chief demonstrating how the progression of pollution from the city to rural areas affect the chief. Pollutants are symbolized by a camper truck, airplanes, cars, and large buildings. The disruption of human life and destruction of plant life are indicated by hearts and colorful plants tossed about in the sky."

From the Artist:

I reference a Living Native Cultural Legacy of Abya Yala (SICIN) and incorporate the modern world. I draw what I see, and change it with imagination by acting as a prism that reflects beautiful rainbow colors.

Artist Bio

Born in East Los Angeles, artist Leo Limón studied at the Otis/Parsons Arts Institute (now Otis College of Art and Design), Los Angeles. Limón was influenced by the artist collective Los Four, and is involved in the Chicano Art Movement. During hi...

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L.A. Greenhouse Premiere


Offset Lithograph




22" x 30"

Edition Size

100 prints in this edition


Robert "Bob" Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA