Out of Chaos - Norie Sato (NEW)
Out of Chaos

Out of Chaos is a delicate Offset Lithograph in an edition of 70. Subtle colors printed in five hues achieves nuances and suggest tradition and movement. Sato is a Master at Subtle, yet distinctive mark-making by computer and hand drawing. The co-existence of the images that are computer generated and with those that are exciting to her. 

Nori Sato is best known for her personal, lyrical video pieces and her series of large color lithographic prints derived from the subtle lines and dots on untuned television screens. She has been interested in the electronic space between images and the edges and margins of transmission that resolve themselves into meaning as they move toward the center of our vision. In keeping with this preoccupation with the evanescent margins of experience, for example, her contribution to "In Public" was "Transience of Memory", a sculpture that dealt with her memories of coming to the United States from Japan in 1954. The images were a ship, a bird's wing, a set of luggage and a large eye, and the Seattle skyline in the early 1950s. Viewers could superimpose these images on the present bay and city because of their location and the transparency of the steel mesh on which they were printed. The screens were mounted on the safety fence of pier 50, very near the spot where Sato first stepped into America. The art represented her memory of that now distant experience.

From the Artist:

I have been involved with high technology since 1972 when I began working with video. I was trained in printmaking, which, in its day was a type of high technology. Though I have begun concentrating these days in public and sculptural works, The Print Work continues to connect to my high technology interest with more traditional ideas. 

Technology is a part of my aesthetics. As a part of my conceptual base and I use its concepts with many different media – – in video, traditional print media, computer prints, photography, sculpture and Wall Works, and in public art works. I have been interested in concepts of how humans and human bodies have a direct relationship with some of the precepts of high technology. how machines are designed are often based on human processes or at least seem to be based in human and natural phenomena. In addition, we are in the transition zone, almost making our way through the transition zone from the Industrial Age to the information age, from analog systems to digital systems, from The Real World to the simulated or virtual world. What this means for our lives is incredible and it is important and how we think of ourselves and our experiences as human beings.

 In the print work, I am also investigating ideas and transition, movement from one state to another, connections between technology, man, and nature. I explore edges between the states and the edges of more formal aesthetic issues. I would like people who view my work to become more aware and perceptive and to pay more attention to the complexities of the world around them. 

Artist Bio

Norie Sato was born in Sendai, Japan and lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She earned a BFA from the University of Michigan and an MFA from the University of Washington.

She works in sculpture and two-dimensional work, and in var...

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Out of Chaos

Norie Sato


Offset Lithograph




21.5" x 30"

Edition Size

70 prints in this edition


Robert "Bob" Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA