Brandywine in Between - Bill Ritchie (NEW)
Brandywine in Between
About the Work

From the Artist

I had been telling people I believed offset lithography could be elevated from its status as commercial reproduction only to the level of a fine art form. I was not alone, as many articles had been published saying the same thing for 20 years. Brandywine [Workshop and Archives, Philadelphia], however, was a pioneer in making fine art offset prints feasible and sustainable....

While I was working at Brandywine I met Alvin Loving and, as his rejects were being used to run my image for adjusting, one of his plates overlapped mine. We agreed to co-sign one of them, but we agreed only on one print and I gave it to him. I have none. From a snapshot I took I made an artist stamp.

—From Dumb Hope: My Curious Life, vol. 5 Bill H. Ritchie, 1981-1990, pp. 290-293

About the Artist

Artist, teacher and printmaker Bill Ritchie was born in Yakima, WA. He earned his BA from Central Washington University, Ellensburg, and MA from San Jose State University, CA.

Ritchie taught printmaking, video, and computer graphics at...

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Brandywine in Between

Bill Ritchie

European American

Offset Lithograph




20.5" x 28.5"

Edition Size

100 prints in this edition


Robert "Bob" Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA