Long Life to the Creative Force - David Botello
Long Life to the Creative Force
About the Work

From the Artist

The elder represents long life in a peaceful setting. The plumed serpent is Quetzalcoatl, representing both the creative force and chaos that surround the elder and wants the heart as the final sacrifice of life. The braids on the heart of the elder is their life's story; the nopales cactus is new life still growing. The cat is the jaguar Tezcatlipoca, death lingering over an individual's left shoulder, waiting for them to give up on life. Among the messages of this work: we must remain in balance, rest and soothe our hearts, and not succumb to the desires around us.
—From Brandywine Workshop and Archives records

Long Life to the Creative Force


Silk Screen




25.5" x 38.25"

Edition Size

49/61 prints in this edition




Philadelphia, PA