Robert Lee


Robert Lee is the Executive Director & Curator of Asian American Arts Centre, participating in its founding in 1974. He initiated the Arts Centre’s visual arts programs in 1982 drawing attention to Asian American contemporary artists as a field of special study. His slide presentation – The Art of Asian American Artists: Reflections of the Cultural Issues in Asian American Life, was shown at the National Museum of American Art in Washington DC in 1986. He initiated the first public Archive for Asian American Artists in the United States which includes currently 1,700 artists from the post WWII era to the present. He has published over twenty catalogues including, “The Mind’s I”, “Public Art in Chinatown”, “Out of the Archive: Process and Progress”. – a digital reflection of AAAC Artists Archive, makes accessible the start of a visual history of an Asian American creative presence in the US. Robert chaired The Association of American Cultures (TAAC) in 1993 serving on its board for eight years. TAAC is a national advocacy organization for people of color in the arts.  He chaired the Asian American Arts Alliance in NYC in its early years, and served with the Peoples Cultural Plan – a NYC arts advocacy group. A video about Mr. Ng Sheung Chi, a Tai Shan storytelling folksinger, has resulted in a book/CD/DVD, Uncle Ng Comes to America available on Amazon.