Blind Spots - Curlee Raven Holton
Blind Spots

 Works by Curlee Raven Holton challenge us to look at areas of human life that are uncomfortable and ask us several questions. What is most frightening for us? Why are some people seemingly invisible? From the point of view of campus ministry, every life, is sacred, and each of us, as fallible human beings, has blind spots, it is a blind spot.This print contains seven figures all submersed in an overlay of bright texturized colors. Some figures are participating in activities such as playing on a swing or applying makeup. Colorful floating circles take their place in the foreground in front of the figures pictures. 

From the Artist:

"Blind spots" was inspired by a trip to Japan to study Japanese traditional printmaking techniques. My desire was to create densely composed images representing the confluence of people and cultures. The areas or spots of primary colors are designed to restrict the flow of Visual Information or completely shut down visual stimuli in any given area. Thereby metaphorically representing areas of blindness or views that we stereotypically hold towards others that are different from us or biases based on ignorance, and inability to see clearly.

My work as an Artist is based on both public and private narrative. The public narrative has led to commentary on issues that impact society in general including race, poverty, political concerns, isolation, and class. My private narrative pushes me further and presents my personal negotiation of these same issues and frequently confronts ramifications that are more intimate in their nature.

Artist Bio

Curlee Raven Holton is a renowned printmaker-educator from Mississippi. He received a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Fine Arts in Drawing and Printmaking and an MFA with honors from Kent State University in Ohio. Since 1991, Holton has taught...

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Blind Spots


Offset Lithograph




25" x 21.5"

Edition Size

40 prints in this edition


Robert Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA