Political Piece - Sarah Van Keuren (NEW)
Political Piece

"Photographer, Sarah Van Keuren works in non-silver contact materials. Political Piece (1985) combines her interest in photography with offset lithographic printing to achieve a personal commentary that belies the 'truthfulness' of a photograph. The photographs collaged in this work were taken from a high vantage point with a pinhole camera and used paper negatives. The resulting soft-focus photographs transformed an urban landscape into a series of dream-like images. By collaging the different photographs into a new composition, Van Keuren was able to achieve mirror images and distortions. It is a composition in which there is no continuous horizon line; every physical element of the work appears to be floating around a blue head that contrasts vividly with the reds and yellows in a city glowing in chaos."

Artist Bio

Sarah Van Keuren is a visual artist and author. She earned a BA in Art History from Swarthmore College, an MFA in Photography at the University of Delaware, and studied printmaking at the Philadelphia College of Art. She is an adjunct professor at...

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Political Piece


Offset Lithograph




22" x 30"

Edition Size

80 prints in this edition


Robert "Bob" Franklin


Brandywine Workshop and Archives


Philadelphia, PA