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Help us unlock the true diversity of our culture.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to experience the wonder of learning from other cultures. Artura is a free and open educational resource, powered by the Brandywine Workshop and Archives. The heart and soul of Artura is our global community of volunteers, contributors, art historians, educators, artists and art lovers like yourself — all united to promote diversity in culture and society. 


47 Years of Diverse Contemporary Art

Over the past 47 years, Brandywine Workshop & Archives has produced a diverse collection of over 1,400 original artworks, hosted over 500 multicultural artists from the U.S. and around the world, and now has more than 800 prints displayed in Satellite Collections at 16 institutions across North America. In additional to our visiting artist programs, BWA sponsors high school and college internships in printmaking, digital media, and collections management.


6,000+ Original Artworks

Artura is a digital image-library of 2,000+ artworks created by Native American, African, African American, Latin, Latin American, Asian, Asian American, Caribbean, White American, and European artists of the Postmodern era (approximately 1960 to the present). The collection specializes in fine-art printmaking processes.

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Curated Online Exhibitions

A group of objects generated by users based on both live and virtual exhibitions. Viewers are encouraged to add supplementary catalogs, related research papers, and webographies.

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Use our platform to explore a wide variety of artworks that will help further your research, develop lesson plans, and expand your awareness and understanding of art.
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Cutting-edge educational approaches for S.T.E.A.M. curriculums (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and beyond will
be inspired by works of art curated into image-libraries by the team in partnership with educational and cultural institutions and individual users.

This multi-source interactive approach will ensure that will continuously grow with fresh, newly developed and refined lesson plans.


Ideas in Words

Publications, exhibition catalogs, essays, reviews, and research papers inspired and informed by’s always growing and evolving holdings of individual objects, collections, and exhibitions.

Our Content Sparks Conversations

The wide array of art produced by an intentionally diverse and inclusive range of artists allows the exploration of many narratives, subject areas, and aesthetic interests. Artists featured on are multi-ethnic, multi-national, intergenerational, and represent diverse styles and creative processes. Most of our digital collection may be found and experienced “live” at 16 Satellite Collections located across the country at art museums, universities, and heritage centers.

”Through art, you can experience the world.”

– Allan Edmunds
Founder of Artura

Satellite Collections

Our vast collection has been incorporated in 16 Satellite Collections in the art museums of such prestigious institutions as Harvard University, University of Texas-Austin, Rhode Island School of Design, Arizona State University, and the University of Delaware.

National Advisory Committee

Ruth Fine

National Gallery of Art Curator of Special Projects in Modern Art (retired), Independent Curator and Artist, Philadelphia, PA

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